Project Team

The principal investigator of the project, Dr. Carlo Rossi, an associate professor of the
Philosophy Department at the Universidad of Santiago, Chile. Prior to that position, he was an
assistant professor at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez in Chile and a post-doctoral researcher in
the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge. His main area of research lies in
metaphysics, particularly in issues pertaining the metaphysics of material objects, and
intersecting areas in the Philosophy of Logic and Language, Philosophy of Religion and
Philosophy of Physics.

The co-investigator of the project, Dr. Robert K. Garcia, is an Associate Professor of philosophy
at Baylor University. Previously he taught at Texas A&M University (2009-2020). He works
primarily in analytic metaphysics and philosophy of religion, with a special interest in the
metaphysics of properties, objects, and persons. He is currently writing a book on C.S. Lewis’s
views about the uniqueness of persons.

Dr. Carlo Rossi

Principal Investigator

He holds an MPhil in Philosophical Studies from King’s College London (2012) and a PhD in philosophy from the University of Cambridge (2016).

Dr. Robert K Garcia


He holds an MA in philosophy of religion from Talbot School of Theology (2000) and a PhD in philosophy from Notre Dame (2009).