Our Companion will be published by the Fondo de Cultura Económica and it is divided in four thematical parts:

(i) The Existence of God and its Relation to the World.

(ii) Divine Attributes.

(iii) God, Freedom, and the Problem of Evil and Suffering.

(iv) The Epistemic Status of Religious Belief.

Our current list of contributors include Alexander Pruss, Yoaav Isaacs,

John Hawthorne, Aron Wall, Ignacio Silva, José Tomás Alvarado,

Eleonore Stump, Charles Taliaferro, Chad Meister, Charity Anderson,

Laura Garcia, John Kvanvig, Lara Buchak, Helen De Cruz, and Diego Machuca.

Given that the majority of our contributors
cannot competently write in Spanish, final versions of the chapters originally in English will be translated into Spanish.